New finger tattoo for @Caradelevingne courtesy of @BangBang in New York

Cara Delevingne proclaiming her love for @Bhubesii

“Understand exactly what it takes to be creative. And display greatness the dedication it takes. The time consumption the stakes if you say it ain’t high. That’s a blind assumption and open your eyes or something. Defy the odds. Multiply with nothing grip the skies. I open minds in hopes that you open your mind. Holding my fro and scoping the scene out. And spitting sixteens spitting my spleen out. Thought I had it made but ain’t shit clean. And I been chasing this dream since Wayne made Bling Bling. I drift off in thought and teleport to Beijing. Pushing 25 but still feeling like 18. With more insight than a encyclopedia. The Carson Arson warm enough to fight anemia. And I’m just warning up. Got em sweating bullets big enough to load the pump.”

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